Bitcoin crosses $ 10,500 and hits significant fibonacci resistance

BTC hit the 0.382 fibonacci level from the previous decline.

Short-term indicators show considerable weaknesses.

The price may have completed Wave 4 of a bearish five wave formation

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) has been rising since September 8 and finally reached its first significant Fibonacci resistance.

It is possible that the price of BTC has completed its rebound, or is very close to it. It could therefore resume its downward movement shortly.

Bitcoin shows signs of weakness

Bitcoin’s price is showing an upward movement from its local low on September 8. This is a gradual rise, but accelerated on September 14 when price created a bullish recovery Japanese candlestick. Since the fall in early September, BTC has only managed to hit a local high at $ 10,839.

The price reached the 0.382 Fibonacci level of the entire decline, at $ 10,681. The next notable Fibonacci level is 0.5, at $ 10,945.

Technical indicators are uncertain. The MACD is rising, as is the slope of the Stochastic Oscillator, although the latter has not yet formed a bullish cross.

However, the RSI has been rejected by the 50 line and could start to decline.

The shorter-term chart turns out to be more bearish. While price has posted higher highs, there is bearish divergence in the MACD, Stochastic Oscillator and RSI. The deviation turns out to be much more pronounced in the MACD and the Stochastic Oscillator.

This is a sign that the price should probably come down eventually.

Additionally, BTC may have generated a spurious crossing of the minor resistance zone at $ 10,700 and is likely to fall back below it.

In that case, it could drop to the next minor support level, at $ 10,250.

In the September 11 technical analysis, BeInCrypto wrote :

On September 2, Bitcoin’s price likely started an impulsive, bearish five-wave formation. He completed wave 4 (orange below) and has now started his final decline with wave 5.

The complex correction has a WXY structure (in red below). At the time of the layout of this article, the price had peaked at $ 10,831, giving a ratio of 1: 1.61 between wave W and wave Y. This is a current level. for this kind of correction.

Additionally, the wave 3 fibonacci level (in orange) stands at $ 10,951, which gives us a fibonacci confluence for the current high.

Further analysis of the movement reveals a correction in sub-waves ABC (in blue) within wave Y. Within this pattern, waves A and C have a ratio of 1: 1, which confirms the previous fibonacci confluence and makes it a possible peak level.

Based on the length of waves 1 to 3, the target for bottom 5 would be $ 9,983 (resulting in a truncated 5 wave) or $ 9,473 for a normal 5 wave.

A move below $ 9,450 would jeopardize the bullish account.

In conclusion, it is possible that BTC has completed its upward rebound. It should then decline to $ 9,700 or even $ 9,470.